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ENSP 102: Introduction to Environmental Policy

course guide for ensp 102

How to Find Proposed Legislation

To find proposed legislative information, visit

The default is to search current legislation. If you want to search all legislation, make sure to change it using the drop down menu.

Once you do your search, click on a bill number to see more

Note that you can see the progress of the bill in your search results.

Once you've clicked into your search results, use the tabs below the summary to access the full text, and see more information about the bill.

How do I cite this?

If the bill passed, it should be cited as a statute (public law) unless the bill is being cited as part of a legislative history.

Title [if relevant], bill or resolution number, xxx Cong. (year).

Reference List:

     Presidential Funding Act of 2010, S. 3681, 111th Cong. (2010).   OR   S. 3681, 111th Cong. (2010).


     Senate Bill 3681 (2010)   OR   (S. 3681, 2010)