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ENSP 102: Introduction to Environmental Policy

course guide for ensp 102

Most databases provide citation information for you. The screen shots below can show how to find citation style information using  Ebsco and Proquest
Be careful - always double check with the main APA site or Purdue Owl












Citing Government Documents

Government Reports:

Government Reports should follow your standard APA format, the only main difference is that the Author will sometimes be an organization, or agency, rather than an individual. 

Example (CRS Report):

U.S. Congressional Research Service. (2013). Court Allows EPA to Veto Already-Issued Corps of Engineers Permits - and a Mountaintop Mining Proposal Hangs in the Balance. CRS Report No. AML-0295. Retrieved from Congressional Publications (ProQuest). HTTP://


Citing Federal Hearings


  • Entire subject matter as it reads on the cover
  • Bill number (if there is one)
  • Subcommittee name (if there is one)
  • Committee name
  • Congress Number
  • Page Number (if there is one)
  • Year
  • Statement of who gave testimony

Example: Protection from Personal Intrusion Act and Privacy Protection Act of 1998: Hearing on H.R. 2448 and H.R. 3224 Before the H. Comm. on the Judiciary, 105th Cong. 56-57 (1998) (statement of Richard Masur, President, Screen Actors Guild).

In text citation: (Projection from Personal Intrusion, 1998)


Citing Laws - Federal Statute (Enacted Bill/Codified Law)

  • Popular or official name of the act (if any)
  • The title number followed by a space and "U.S.C" (for "United States Code)
  • The section number preceded by the section symbol and a space
  • the year 

Example: Energy Policy Act of 2005, 42 USCS § 15801 (2005).


Energy Policy Act of 2005


Energy Policy Act (2005)