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Chinese Studies

This guide describes resources available at the UMD Libraries for research in Chinese Studies.

Chinese Studies journals

 ・American Journal of Chinese Studies (1984-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents] 

 ・Archives of the Chinese Art Society of America (1945-1965) [Full-text] [English] 

 ・Chinese America, History and Perspectives (1997-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents] 

 ・Chinese as a second language : Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA = 漢語教學研究 : 美國中文教師學會學報 (2016-present) [Full-text] [Chinese/English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese as a Second Language Research (2012-present) 

 ・The Chinese economy (1967-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese education and society (1993-present)  [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・The Chinese historical review = 中國歷史評論 (2004-present)  [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese Journal of Communication (2008-18 months ago)  [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese Journal of International Law (1987-12 months ago) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese literature, essays, articles, reviews = Chung-kuo wen hsüeh (1979-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese Literature Today (2010-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese Sociological Review (2011-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese Sociology and anthropology (1968-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Chinese Studies in History (1967-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Journal of Chinese Cinemas (2007-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association: Zhongguo yu wen jiao shi xue hui xue bao (1966-2015: Print) (2017-present: Digital access available) [Full-text] [English] 

 ・Journal of Chinese Linguistics (1973-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Journal of Chinese Overseas (2005-12 months ago)  [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Journal of Chinese Philosophy (1997-12 months ago) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Journal of Chinese political science (1997-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Journal of Chinese Religions (2008-present) [Full-text] [English] 

 ・Journal of Chinese Writing Systems (2017-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (2009-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

 ・Modern Chinese literature and culture = Zhongguo xian dai wen xue (1999-2 yrs ago)  [Full-text] [English] 

 ・Tsing hua journal of Chinese studies: 清華學報 (2008-present) [Full-text] [English]  [Latest issue's contents]

Asian Studies Journals

Asian Perspective (2007 - present) - It applies an Asian lens to world and comparative politics.  [Full-text]      

Journal of Asian Studies (1941 - present) [Full-text]      

Journal of Asian American Studies (1998 - present) [Full-text]      

Journal of East Asian Linguistics (1992 - present)  [Full-text]      

Archives of Asian Art (current print journals available at the Libraries) (1966 - present: Digital access via Project Muse, JSTOR Arts & Sciences, and e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collections) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​  

Asian Journal of Women's Studies (1995 - present) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Asian Cinema (1990 - 2005: print journals available at the Libraries) (2015 - present: Digital access via Ingenta Connect) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Asian Folklore Studies (1963 - 2007) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Asian Development Review (2013 - present) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Asian Music: Journal of the Society for Asian Music (1968 - present) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Asian Survey (1961 - present) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Central Asian Survey (1999 - 18 moths ago) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Asian Theatre Journal: ATJ (1984 - 12 months ago)  [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Asian Affairs (1970 - 2005: print journals available at the Libraries) (2005 - present: Digital access via Taylor &  Francis Journals Current Content) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Asian Development Outlook : ADO (1989 - present) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​   

Modern Asian Studies (1967 - present) [Full-text]   ​​​​​​​