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PLCY 306: Public Policy Analysis in Action: Housing Policy

Guide to resources for PLCY 306 assignments.

Search Strategies

Always think about different ways to say the same thing.  Start with keywords to describe your topic, within results, read the abstract and look at the subject headings to identify additional keywords to use and revise the search (if needed).
Retrieve too many results? Limit to scholarly articles, limit words to the abstract or subject

Search Strategies: 
Start with keywords (place phrases in quotes), use connectors (or / and) and look for the subject headings specific to each database.

place phrases in quotes so the whole phrase will be searched together and not the words individually
"american dream" "fair housing"
"tax breaks" "public housing"
"tax credit" "affordable housing"
"right of first refusal" "work requirements"
"energy burden" "subsidized housing"
"covid 19" "coronavirus pandemic"
"housing crisis" "stable housing"
"wealth gap" "stock market"
"Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule" "energy efficiency"






Place an  * at the end of the word to retrieve all the variations
requirement* = requirement or requirements
resident* = resident or residents
school* = school or schools
minorit* = minority or minorities
rent* = rent or rents or rental or rentals
household* = household or households
eviction* = eviction or evictions
homeowner* = homeowner or homeowners or homeownership












use - or - to connect synonyms or like concepts so any of the words can be included

Graphic showing the boolean connector OR using a venn diagram

race or racial or minorit*
legislation or laws or regulation or policy or policies
prevention or strategy or strategies or intervention or program*
"affordable housing" or "subsidized housing" or "section 8"
"right of first refusal" or "Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act"
"covid 19" or coronavirus


use - and - to connect concepts, all terms must be included

Graphic showing the boolean connector AND using a venn diagram

"american dream" and (homeownership or rent*)
homeownership and "wealth gap"
housing and ("right of first refusal" or "tenant opportunity to purchase act")
("affordable housing" or "subsidized housing") and (school* or education)
welfare and "work requirement*" and (legislation or laws or regulation* or policy or policies)
"fair housing" and (race or racial or minorit*)
( "affordable housing" or subsidized housing" or "section 8") and (utility or utilities or energy) and (green or efficien* or environment*)
"affordable housing" and (benefit* or advantage* or effect*) and health
"affordable housing" and  "health care cost*"
eviction* and (coronavirus or "covid-19") and (policy or policies or strategy or strategies or prevention or intervention or program*)