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Citing Sources

Some of you may choose to make a video or an audio recording for your assignment. You should still create and provide a full reference list along with your video or recording, written in the correct citation style. However, in-text citations are a little different for oral formats than written papers. To orally cite something, you will need to give sufficient information about the source to your audience. Typically, this is the author, title, and date of a source. By including this information, you allow your listeners to find your original sources, as well as allow them to hear that your sources are recent and are credible.


  • "The recent 2013 Law & Human Behavior article by Kahn, Byrd, and Pardini, shows that young men who have high callous-unemotional traits, such as a lack of empathy, are more likely to be arrested for serious crimes."
  • "In an February 25 interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, Michio Kaku notes that memories can currently be uploaded into mice, and eventually this could be used to help sufferers of Alzheimer's disease."