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Microfilm in MSPAL

A guide to microfilm in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library.

Music Manuscripts from the Great English Collections

This is a large collection of selected music manuscripts held by libraries in England. It is broken down into eight series, with each series representing a different library:

  • Series 1: The Music Collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford
  • Series 2: The Music Collection of St. Michael’s College, Tenbury
  • Series 3: The Music Collection of Christ Church, Oxford
  • Series 4:  The British Library Music Manuscript Collection
  • Series 5: The Music Collection of the Royal College of Music, London
  • Series 6: The Music Collections of the Cambridge Libraries
  • Series 7: The Music Collection of the Royal Academy of Music, London
  • Series 8:  The Gerald Coke Handel Collection

Please note the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library owns some but not all of the microfilm reels in this collection. To check availability of a particular reel, please consult the catalog of the University of Maryland Libraries. The best way to search is by the series titles listed above. Once you have found a series in the catalog, click on its title and then on Availability to see a list of the reels the library owns.

For more information on the individual series, including information on how to identify which manuscripts are included, please use the links to the series in the navigation menu on this guide.