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The Korean Press in Occupied Japan

This guide assists you to find the materials published by the Korean press during the early years of Occupation of Japan (1945-1949), housed in the Gordon W. Prange Collection, University of Maryland Libraries.

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The Prange Collection holds approximately 10,000 News Agency photographs of Jiji, Kyodo and Sun News Agencies.  Among them, you may find the pictures that vividly depict the lives of Korean residents during the Occupation.  The inventories of the news agency photographs are available in this page

EXAMPLES OF PHOTOGRAPHS (Click image to enlarge)

​在日朝鮮学生同盟の抗争 (Call No. K0538)
Kyodo News Agency - 5/23/1948


​朝鮮人部落へ暁の急襲: 刑事2名にはさまれ検挙される容疑者 (Call No. K3746)
朝鮮人部落へ暁の急襲: 上 - 曉の急襲終えて予備隊の点呼, 下 - 検挙のあらし見送る朝鮮人部落の人々 (Call No. K3747)
Kyodo News Agency - 4/13/[1949] 

​朝鮮関東学生大会もめる (Call No. K4113)
Kyodo News Agency - 5/8/[1949]