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Thomas Bewick

A guide to resources on the life and work of Thomas Bewick available online and in Special Collections at the University of Maryland.

Hornbake Bibliography

On this page are complete bibliographical listings of the works by or relating to Thomas Bewick in the Literature and Rare Books in Special Collections holdings at the University of Maryland. All titles are listed in chronological order based upon their date of publication. Brief notations are included if Bewick's relation to the work is not made evident by the title. All of these texts are can be accessed in the Maryland Room.

For additional Bewick titles in other University of Maryland College Park collections, please consult the Suggested Titles page of this reference guide or search the UMD Libraries Catalog.

Rare Book Collection Holdings

Hutton, Charles. (1770). A Treatise on Mensuration, both in theory and practice. Newcastle upon Tyne: Saint. QA465 .H97

            Illustrations and diagrams are Thomas Bewick’s first attempt at wood-engraving.


Bewick, Thomas. (1784). Select Fables in Three Parts. Part I – Fables extracted from Dodsley’s; Part II – Fables with reflections, in prose and verse; Part III – Fables in verse. To which are prefixed The life of Aesop; and An essay upon fable. Newcastle upon Tyne: Saint. PN982 .S4 1784


Bewick, Thomas. (1790). A General History of Quadrupeds. The figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Newcastle upon Tyne: S. Hodgson, R. Beiby, & T. Bewick; [etc. etc.]. QL706 .B5 1790

            2nd ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: S. Hogson, et al., 1791. QL706 .B5 1791

            3rd ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: S. Hodgson, et al., 1792. QL706 .B5 1792

            4th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: S. Hodgson, et al., 1800. QL706 .B5 1800

            5th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walker, 1807. QL706 .B5 1807

            6th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walker, 1811. QL706 .B5 1811

            7th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walker, 1820. QL706 .B5 1820

            8th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: T. Bewick & Son, 1824. QL706 .B5 1824


Goldsmith, Oliver. (1794). The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith, M.B. Complete in one volume. With the life of the author. The vignettes designed and engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Hereford: D. Walker. PR3482 .G6 1794


The Muses Pocket Companion: A Collection of Poems by the Most Eminent Modern Authors. (1794?). Dublin: J. Milliken. PR1171 .M8 1794

            Owned and signed by Thomas Bewick.


Somerville, William. (1796). The Chase: a poem. London: W. Bulmer & Co. PR3699.S2 A65 1796

            Thomas Bewick engraved the illustrations of his younger brother after the latter’s death.


Bewick, Thomas. (1797-1804). History of British birds. The figured engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Volumes 1 & 2. Newcastle: Beilby & Bewick. QL690.G7 B5 1797

            2nd ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walter, 1809. QL690.G7 B5 1809

            3rd ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walter, 1816. QL690.G7 B5

            4th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walker, 1821. QL690.G7 B5 1821

            6th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walker, 1826. QL690.G7 B5 1826

            7th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: Charles Henry Cook, 1832. QL690.G7 B5 1832

            8th ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: J. Blackwell & Co., 1847. QL690.G7 B5 1847


Junius. (1799). State Nominis Umbra. London: Vernor and Hood. DA508 .A2 1799

            Head- and tail-pieces by T. Bewick.


LeGrand, M. (1796-1800). Fabliaux or tales, abridged from French manuscripts of the XIIth and XIIIth centuries. Volumes 1 and 2. London: W. Bulmer & Co. PQ1319 .L55

            Woodcut illustrations by Thomas and John Bewick, and others.


Bewick, Thomas. (1800). Figures of British Land Birds, engraved on wood by T. Bewick; to which are added a few foreign birds with their vulgar and scientific names. Newcastle upon Tyne: S. Hodgson. QL690.G7 B59 1800


The Songster’s favourite companion: a collection of new and much-esteemed songs, adapted for the flute, voice, and violin. (1800?). Glasgow: Oliver & Co. M1739.18 .S663 1800

            Engraved frontispiece, title vignette and tail-pieces attributed to T. Bewick.


Gay, John. (1811). The fables of Mr. John Gay: complete in two parts; with cuts by T. Bewick. York: Wilson. PR3473 .F3 1811


Aesop. (1818). The fables of Aesop, and others, with designs on wood by T. Bewick. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walker. PA3855.E5 B38 1818


Select fables: with cuts designed and engraved by Thomas and John Bewick, and others, previous to the year 1784: together with a memoir, and a descriptive catalogue of the works of Messrs. Bewick. (1820). Newcastle: S. Hodgson. PN982 .S4


Bewick, Thomas. (1821). A supplement to the History of British birds. Part I, containing the history and description of land birds, the figured engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Newcastle: E. Walker. QL690.G7 B5 1797


Bewick, Thomas. (1824). The figures of Bewick’s quadrupeds, (2nd ed). Newcastle: E. Walker. NE1212.B5 1824


Bewick, Thomas (1825). British land birds, engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Newcastle: E. Walker. NE1212 .B57 1825


Bewick, Thomas (1825). British water birds, engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Newcastle: E. Walker. NE1212 .B58 1825


Bewick, Thomas. (1827). Vignettes. Newcastle upon Tyne: E. Walker. NE1212.B5 A45 1827


Bewick, Thomas. (1827). Vignettes. Newcastle upon Tyne: --. NC978 .B4


Bewick, Thomas. (1860). Wood engravings of land and water birds. Newcastle upon Tyne: J.J. Lynch. NE1212.B5 W6


Bewick, Thomas. (1862). A memoir of Thomas Bewick, written by himself, Embellished by numerous wood engravings, designed and engraved by the author for a work on British fishes and never before published. Newcastle upon Tyne: Jane Bewick. NE1212.B5 A3


Pearson, Edwin. (1868). Catalogue of an exceedingly choice and varied collection of books and wood engravings by, or relating to Thomas & John Bewick, and their pupils, collected by Mr. Edwin Pearson. Many of the volumes are in elegant bindings by Messrs. Bedford, Lewis, Zaehnsdorf, Hayday, and others. The whole alphabetically arranged for facility of reference. With introductory noticeLondon: J. Davy & Son. NE1212.B5 P4 1868 


Stephens, Frederic George. (1881). Notes by F.G. Stephens on a collection of drawings and woodcuts by T. Bewick exhibited at the Fine Arts Society’s rooms, 1880; also a complete list of all works illustrated by Thomas and John Bewick, with their various editions, with thirty-two illustrations from original wood blocks. London: The Fine Art Society. NE1212.B5 S7


Bewick, Thomas. (1885). Bewick momento, with an introduction by Robert Robinson, Catalogue with purchasers’ names and prices realized of the scarce and curious collection of books, silver plate, prints, pictures, wood block, copper plates, and Bewick relics, etc., sold by auction at Newcastle-upon-Tyne on February 5th, 6th & 7th and August 26th, 1884. London: Field & Tuer. NE1212.B5 A2


Boyd, Julia. (1886). Bewick gleanings: being impressions from copperplates and wood blocks, engraved in the Bewick workshop. Newcastle upon Tyne: A. Reid. NE1212.B5 B6


Bewick, Thomas. (1887). A memoir of Thomas Bewick, written by himself; embellished by numerous wood engravings designed by the author for a work on British fishes. London: B. Quaritch. NE1212.B5 A3 1887


Society of Typographic Arts - Chicago, IL. (1943). Keepsake number three. Chicago: R. H. Middleton. NE1212.B5 S63 1943

            Prepared and presented at a Thomas Bewick meeting of the Society of Typographic Arts held December 1943. Includes printings made directly from the original blocks.


Special Collection Holdings

Hugo, Thomas. (1866). The Bewick collector. A descriptive catalogue of the works of Thomas and John Bewick; including cuts, in various states, for books and pamphlets, private gentlemen, public companies, exhibitions, races, newspapers, shop cards, invoice heads, bar bills, coal certificates, broadsides, and other miscellaneous purposes, and wood blocks. London: L. Reeve & Co. NE1212.B5 H8


Ruzicka, Rudolphy. (1943). Thomas Bewick, engraver. New York: The Typophiles. NE1212.B5 R8


Bewick, Thomas. (1945). Thomas Bewick portfolio, containing twenty-four impressions printed directly from the original wood block engraved by the English master Thomas Bewick at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Chicago: The Cherryburn Press. NE1212 .B4 1945


Bewick, Thomas. (1947). A selection of engravings on wood by Thomas Bewick, with a note on him by John Rayner. New York: Penguin Books. NE1212.B5 R3


Powys, Llewelyn. (1951). Thomas Bewick, 1753-1828; an essay, to which is now added: A letter from England from Alyse Powys. Lexington, KY: Gravesend Press. NE1217.B4 P68 


Bewick, Thomas. (1951). 21 engravings. St. Charles, IL: Privately printed. NE1212.B5 F4


Bewick, Thomas. (1952). A print from A general history of quadrupeds. Chicago: Cherryburn Press. NE1212 .B4 1952


Bewick, Thomas. (1953). Wood engravings of Thomas Bewick, reproduced in collotype, selected with a biographical introduction by Reynolds Stone. London: Hart-Davis. NE1212.B5 S8


Winter, Sylvia. (1960). Thomas Bewick and the art of wood-engraving. Vicksburg, Michigan: Lee Paper Company. NE1212.B5 W56 1960


Bain, Iain. (1981). The watercolours and drawings of Thomas Bewick and his workshop apprentices introduced and with editorial notes by Iain Bain. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. NE1212.B5 B34


Tattersfield, Nigel. (1999). Bookplates by Beilby & Bewick: a biographical dictionary of bookplates from the workshop of Ralph Beilby, Thomas Bewick & Robert Bewick, 1790-1849. London: British Library. Z994.G7 T38 1999


Gardner-Medwin, David (ed.). (2003). Bewick studies: essays in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Bewick. Stocksfield, Northumberland: Bewick Society. NE1147.6.B47 B5 2003


Uglow, Jennifer S. (2007). Nature’s engraver: a life of Thomas Bewick. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. NE1147.6.B47 U94 2007