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Slavery & Freedom in Maryland

A guide to the history of slavery in Maryland leading up to the Civil War, using materials from the University of Maryland Special Collections in Hornbake Library.

About Census and Statistical Data

Census and statistical data is a useful resource for examining population demographics and how the social and economic makeup of the country has changed over time. 

From marriage and death registers to official census data, there are several resources listed below that provide statistical information about slave populations in Maryland.  Use the links on the right to search online for historical census information on populations in Maryland.   

If you are interested in statistical information about a specific county or region in Maryland, it may be useful to consult first consult geneological reference material available in the Maryland Room and then search the online catalog.  A list of relevant subject headings is available on the right. 

For more information on how to locate census material on Maryland, visit the U.S. Census Population Schedules: Maryland Overview Guide.  For more information about statistical data, visit Maryland Statistics: A Finding Aid.

Additional information on genealogical sources in Maryland can be found using the Maryland Genealogy Resource Guide.

Suggested Subject Headings

Use these subject terms when searching the University of Maryland Library online catalog. Select "Subject beginning with..." on the drop-down menu. Then enter one of the terms below.

  • African Americans -- Maryland -- Genealogy

  • Baltimore (Md.) - Genealogy

  • Carroll County (Md.) - Genealogy

  • Maryland Census

  • Maryland Census, 1790

  • Maryland Census, 1800 Indexes

  • Maryland Census, 1820 Indexes

  • Maryland Census, 1860 Indexes

  • Maryland - Genealogy

  • Maryland Genealogy Bibliography

  • Montgomery County (Md.) - Genealogy

  • Prince George’s County (Md.) - Genealogy

  • Registers of births, etc. -- Maryland

  • Saint Mary’s County (Md.) - Genealogy

Maryland Room Resources

The following is a selection of resources with statistical data pertaining to slavery in Maryland.  Click on the title to view the full catalog record.

Online Census Information

Use the links below to search historical census data available online.