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Slavery & Freedom in Maryland

A guide to the history of slavery in Maryland leading up to the Civil War, using materials from the University of Maryland Special Collections in Hornbake Library.

Slavery Pamphlet Collection

The Slavery Pamphlet Collection documents slavery and African-American life in early America.  It contains sermons, essays, reports, and other printed literature concerning attitudes toward slavery.  

To search for materials from the Slavery Pamphlet Collection, use the College Park Advanced Search option and enter "Slavery Pamphlet Collection" into the search box using the all fields or notes option. 

To narrow your search, use the year/s option to specify a date range.  Enter the years "1700 to 1865" to cover early American history through the Civil War. 

Daniel Webster Pamphlet Collection

Daniel Webster (1782-1852) was one of the most prolific and talented orators, jurists, and statesmen in American history.  He is perhaps best known for his debates with Henry Clay on the Missouri Compromise and his personal compromise on slavery. 

The Daniel Webster Pamphlet Collection consists of 132 documents, including published legal arguments, various public orations and discourses, speeches delivered by Webster on the floor of the United States House and Senate, and orations given by others about Webster and his life. The collection encompasses one of Webster's earliest orations (1801), and an extensive collection of eulogies delivered after Webster's death in 1852. The collection also includes Webster's most celebrated speeches, as well as his lesser-known orations. The collection is arranged in chronological order by the date of presentation or publication.

An inventory of the collection is available in the Maryland Room.