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Maryland Geography

A guide to resources about Maryland Geography.

Maryland Geography Information Websites

The following websites contain some basic information about Maryland geography:

Maryland at a Glance: Maryland Natural Resources and Geography from the Maryland Manual - Articles from the Maryland Manual Online, a guide to state government created by the Maryland State Archives, describing Maryland's physical geography (land, climate, etc.). Other Maryland Manual entries addressing Maryland geography include:

Physiographic Map of Maryland - Maryland Geological Survey Map illustrating and describing Maryland's six physiographic provinces.

Maryland Regions - Briefly describes the history, culture, and geography of Maryland's distinct land regions.

Maryland Topography - Briefly describes the geographic features of Maryland's Appalachian mountains, Piedmont plateau, and Atlantic coastal plain.

Maryland Facts - National Geographic - Includes a few facts about Maryland, as well as a Maryland travel guide.

Maryland State Publications - Information on Maryland state publications available on the web and at the University of Maryland Libraries

Maryland State Government Agency Websites

Below is a listing of state agencies that collect and disseminate important data involving Maryland geography. These agencies also produce geography-related publications and reports, many of which are available online. Publications that cannot be found online may be available in the Maryland Room, which is an official state documents depository. 

  • Maryland Geological Survey  - the agency of the Department of Natural Resources responsible for geological and geographic research in Maryland. The MGS produces technical reports and maps, and provides education about Maryland's geological resources to address the state's environmental problems.
    • Fact Sheets, Pamphlets, and Brochures about Maryland Geology and Geography - series of fact sheets and key data about Maryland geology and geography.
    • MGS Publications - listing of online publications from the MGS, most of which are freely accessible, some of which must be purchased. If you are thinking about purchasing a report from the MGS, be sure to contact us to see if a copy is available to view in the Maryland Room.
    • The MGS Library - reference library containing MGS reports, maps, photographs, and other information sources. Open to the public from 12:00pm - 4:30pm on weekdays, the materials in this library may be viewed in person but may not be checked out.
  • Maryland Department of the Environment - monitors and regulates the use of Maryland's environmental resources. DOE issues permits to businesses and communities whose operations impact the environment, enforces regulation to curtail pollution, seeks to preserve air and water quality, manages waste, and promotes environmental protection.
    • MDE Research Center - online collection of reports, statistics, fact sheets, and information about Maryland's environmental laws and regulations.
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources - monitors fisheries, protects wildlife and endangered species, issues hunting permits and fishing licenses, manages state parks, and provides outreach and education about environmental issues.
  • Maryland BayStat - statewide initiative dedicated to examining data about the Chesapeake Bay, as well as to promoting Chesapeake Bay restoration projects.
  • Maryland Department of Planning - agency responsible for regulating the development of Maryland's land, promoting sustainable growth, and planning communities.
    • MDP Publications - online repository of MDP publications and reports.
    • State Data Center - administered by the MDP and partnered with the US Census Bureau, the SDC publishes demographic information such as population and labor estimates, income data, and census tract maps.