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Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia State Plan

This guide helps federal depository libraries coordinate the actions of the individual libraries that make up the Federal Depository Library System of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia in order to provide better service to our public.

Goal and Purpose

Goal: To foster cooperation between federal depository libraries in the region by promoting awareness, and availability of collections and by engaging in cooperative learning and information sharing.  

Purpose: The federal depository libraries in the region will work collaboratively by sharing knowledge, best practices, collection resources and by coordinating with the regional depository in order to provide materials and services to patrons in an efficient and timely manner.


Online Directory

  • An up-to-date directory of selective libraries in the region is available from the Federal Depository Library Directory.

Library Websites

  • Via library websites, share and make accessible information about selective depository libraries’ collections and services such as:
    • Collections:
      • Collection development policy statements and retention practices. 
      • Descriptions of historic strengths or unique aspects of individual collections.
      • Availability of commercial databases, finding tools and content that supplement  the depository collection and enhance access to and use of the government information.
      • Links to library catalog, discovery service, or other tools useful for ascertaining resources held by the selective depository.  
    • Services:
      • Contact information for depository coordinator and/or staff serving the collection.<
      • Hours of operations
      • Availability of staff for assistance or in-depth consultations.
      • Availability of computers, scanning equipment for on-site use of or takeaway or government information. 
      • Circulation policies.
      • Policies or procedures for interlibrary loan.

Learning and Sharing

  • Building and sharing knowledge and skills for finding, using and managing government information is a key benefit of FDLP participation.  Depository library staff members are strongly encouraged to seek out opportunities for learning, sharing and making expertise available within and beyond our region.  Learning and sharing opportunities include:
    • Participation in and promotion of government information learning webinars such as:
      • The FDLP Academy 
      • Law Library of Congress Legal Research Institute 
      • Census  Academy 
    • Acquiring and sharing with patrons and staff GPO FDLP promotional materials. 
    • Linking to the teaching and promotional materials of other depository libraries, such as LibGuides, training videos, and other instructional content that might be historically significant to the area.  
    • Encouraging discovery of government information resources in the region by highlighting newsletters, flyers, displays, newspaper columns, speeches, and descriptions of promotional events held by other depository libraries.