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Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia State Plan

This guide helps federal depository libraries coordinate the actions of the individual libraries that make up the Federal Depository Library System of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia in order to provide better service to our public.

Goal and Purpose

Goal: To ensure that our physical facilities support the use and access of the collections, depository materials are given appropriate housing, equipment is available to view government publications available in all media, and proper signage is in place to support access to depository materials.

Purpose: The federal depository libraries in the Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia Region affirm their commitment to provide adequate physical facilities for the access and use of depository resources as described by Physical Facilities and Collection Maintenance and outlined below. In each of these cases, libraries will meet these challenges by serving as advocates to our institutional decision makers for the FDLP and our visitors. Libraries will devise plans and implement them whenever possible.


Access to Depository Resources

  • Depository visitors should encounter an environment that is conducive to the access and use of depository resources and that is comparable to other non-depository library facilities.
  • Adequate collection and study space for the access and use of depository resources.

Housing Federal Property

  • As caretakers of federal property, depositories should house all depository materials appropriately according to format to ensure protection, preservation, and access.
  • Appropriate shelving and procedures that ensure the longevity of federal depository materials and that adequately address damaged materials.

Library Equipment

  • The depository library must have equipment for visitors to view, download, photocopy, and print depository materials for formats they select and provide access to in their collections.


  • The FDLP decal must be posted in a prominent location, such as library entrances. Libraries are not required to post the decal at all entrances but should be posted at entrances used by the general public.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • All depository materials should be housed in ADA spaces, or a reasonable alternative must be in place to provide equitable access to disabled library patrons.

Depository staff should contact the Regional Librarian for assistance when there are difficulties advocating for depository needs to their institutions.