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Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia State Plan

This guide helps federal depository libraries coordinate the actions of the individual libraries that make up the Federal Depository Library System of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia in order to provide better service to our public.

Goal and Purpose

Goal: To ensure free and open access to all government publications in all formats, including unfiltered Internet access to government agency websites.

Purpose: Federal depository libraries in Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia will meet or exceed the public services standards established by the U.S. Government Publishing Office. Those standards are set forth in Legal Requirements and Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program.



  • Depository libraries will provide reference service for government information in all formats. This may be done from a separate service point designated for government information or from a single service point indicated for all library reference services.
  • Depository libraries will cooperate with non-depository libraries to provide reference and information services to patrons upon referral.


  • Depository library staff will provide cross-training to non-documents librarians and staff working with government information resources to ensure consistency of service.


  • Depository libraries staff will increase public awareness of their collections through cataloging documents, library displays highlighting materials, research guides, announcements, and public service programming that promotes your Federal depository library within your community. 
  • Depository libraries are encouraged to utilize FDLP Promotion resources.
  • Depository libraries are encouraged to be aware of the FDLP LibGuides.