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Bibliometrics and Altmetrics: Measuring the Impact of Knowledge

This guide includes information on which of the databases contain citation measures that can be used to gage either an author, article or journal impact.

Tell Your Impact Story with WORDS

Example #1

The numbers

Dr. John Smith has published 305 works since 1999.

The story

Since 1999, Dr. Smith has co-authored 305 works with over 500 unique co-authors from over 100 institutions representing industry, academic and private affiliations including 2 group/corporate authors from 8 countries.

Dr. Smith is first author on 103 works; last author on 234 works and sole author on 17 works. The articles have been published in nearly 50 unique journals representing 15 research areas such as hematology, pathology, emergency medicine, cardiovascular cardiology, toxicology, etc.

As of 2014, over 50 unique funding agencies are noted in the acknowledgement sections of Dr. Smith's publications.

Example #2

The numbers

Dr. John Smith's works have been cited 4,196 times.

The story

Dr. John Smith's 305 works have been cited 4,196 times by 2,620 works (1,618 articles, 666 reviews, 104 editorials, 87 letters, 66 conferehnce papers, 53 notes, and 26 short surveys), and published in 21 different languages by authors from 72 countries.

Dr. Smith's most highly cited work (Medicine, 2010) has been cited 344 times, viewed 8,000 times by online readers with 6,200 full text downloads. In addition, the work has been referred to by news media outlets 24 times; tweeted by 13 tweeters world-wide; saved in 28 Mendeley accounts; and commented upon in 8 different blogs and in PubMed Commons. Dr. Smith's YouTube podcast discussing the findings of the article has been viewed 1,200 times by viewers from over 70 different countries.