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Microfilm in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library

Figuring out microfilm in the Performing Arts Library

Journals of popular music

This collection offers rare and important background and insights into popular music, the inside workings of the entertainment business, star-making machinery and emerging popular and youth cultures. It comes in two parts.

Part 1 contains New Musical Express and predecessors, 1946-1971
This covers: Accordion TimesMusical Express, and New Musical Express
The call number is ML5 .N484 

Part 2 contains Blues and Soul, 1967-1987
This covers: Home of the BluesBlues and SoulDisco Music Review, and Black Music and Jazz Review
The call number is ML5 .B656

The links below lead to the individual catalog listings.

Manuals, tutors and methods, for woodwinds, brass and other instruments

International in scope, the collection includes many French, Russian and German tutors with parallel English texts. Music tutors were often issued by instrument makers to propagate the use of a new system of keys or valves, or to introduce hybrid novelty instruments. Music for beginners, fingering charts and diagrams, instructions for making and maintaining the instruments and exercises for performers are included.

Part 1 includes:
Instrumental Tutors from the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments

It is originally from Oxford and the Private Library of Phillip Bate 
The call number in the performing arts library is MT172.H477 pt.1 guide

Part 2 includes:
Tutors and Méthodes from the F.J. Fétis Collection at the Bibliothèque Royale Albert Ier, Brussels

It is originally from Bibliothèque Royale Albert Ier, Brussels
The call number in the performing arts library is MT172.H477 pt.2 guide

Venetian opera libretti

This collection includes virtually every opera produced in Venice from 1637 (the opening of the first public opera house) until 1769, containing 1,286 libretti bound in 117 volumes. This set is indexed in: Irene Alm. Catalog of Venetian Librettos at the University of California, Los Angeles. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.

The original copy can be found in University of California, Los Angeles where the call number is ML48 .R114 1993

At University of Maryland, the call number is ML136.L842 U682 1993

The catalog listing and a list of contents can be found below.