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Biology / Life Sciences Resources (BIOL, CBMG, ENTM)

Information resources and services in support of Biology, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics (CBMG), and Entomology


This page contains key resources related to measuring/understanding impat of scholarly works in the life sciences. A more comprehensive list has been created by other librarians at UMD.

Impact of an article and/or a researcher - including tracking citations and calculating h-Index

Impact of Journals, Institutions and/or Countries - including Impact Factors


Altmetrics is a broad term describing a variety of new measures and methods used to determine the impact of scholarly output.  Altmetrics has garnered interest as an alternative or complement to the more traditional Impact Factor or even the relatively recent h-index.  Some notable characteristics of altmetrics:

  • They track more than citations.  Previous measures of impact relied heavily, if not exclusively, on citations.  Almetrics consider other ways scholarly output is mentioned or discussed.  This can be mentions on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook as well as mentions by news outlets, blogs and other non-peer-reviewed publications.  Other measures might look at the number of "readers" or downloads.
  • Altmetrics can be used to track more than journal articles.  Using these new metrics, nearly any sort of scholarly output can be tracked for use, reuse, mentions, sharing, etc.  This would include both peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed items.  Data sets, working papers, computer code, dissertations, etc., could all be tracked using appropriate systems.