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Sanborn Map

This guide is intended to aid in the navigation of the Sanborn Map Collection held by University of Maryland Libraries and the Digital Sanborn Maps.

Capturing an Image for the Sanborn Maps

  1. You can download the map as a .PDF file by clicking "Download Map" from the title bar menu. The PDF formatted file will open in a new browser window. To save it, right click on it and choose Save As or use the save button in your web browser.
  2. You can also print the map from the view window by clicking "Print Current Window" from the title bar menu. This function captures the image as shown in the view window and transfers it to a new browser window, from which it can be printed. Only the portion of the image shown will be printed, so this function is suitable either for printing small images of the full map sheet or a zoomed-in image of just a portion of a map sheet.
  3. It may be necessary to re-center the image using the re-center tool in the window before printing. Selecting the size of the window by clicking on the blue boxes above the window will also affect the area captured for printing, so it may take some experimentation to capture exactly the area you want to print.