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Preserving Historic Theaters

This guide provides information on the history of historic theaters, gives examples of rehabilitation projects across the country, and suggests related resources for interested individuals to track down for more information.

Archives & Manuscript Collections

Archival Collections contain manuscript collections documenting all aspects of history and culture. There are a couple of collections around the country relate to the Historic Theaters.

There has been a recent effort to digitize many of these collections and the make them available.


Archival Resources

John Eberson Archival Collection

John Eberson was an American architect best known for his movie palace designed in the atmospheric theatre fashion. This collection includes some of Eberson's studio work as well as plans and materials on four of his "atmospheric" theaters Loew's Theatre (Louisville, KY; 1927), Loew's Theatre (Akron, OH; 1928), Avalon Theatre (Chicago, IL; 1925), Paradise Theatre (Chicago, IL; 1928). The collection is housed the Architectural Archives at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

Search Archival Collections at University of Maryland Libraries