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ENSP 400: Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy

Research guide for ENSP 400: Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy

Toward Net Zero


Toward Net Zero: Reducing Prince Georges County Department of Parks and Recreation Division of Maintenance and Development Carbon Emissions Through the Strategic Integration of Electric Equipment into its Landscape Maintenance Operations

To conduct an analysis of the environmental, financial, and practical implications of converting a fossil fuel based small equipment inventory to an all-electric fleet of equipment.
The Division of Maintenance and Development has a strong interest in transitioning their small engine lawn and garden equipment, to an electric fleet of equipment. 

Library Research:

What are the environmental benefits and drawbacks that result when converting from gas to electric equipment? 

What is the return on investment time for equipment that will potentially be transitioned from gas to electric?

What criteria should be used guide the purchase and use of electrical equipment?

Identify and apply published LCA research to equipment under consideration for the gas to electric transition.

Adopt published LCA’s to park usage rates and compare where feasible the LCA’s of gas and electric alternatives.


man mowing the lawn

Make sure to search the Ebsco databases together to remove duplicates. Get into one database (the Academic Search Ultimate database is linked below) and then click on - Choose Databases - and add the others. Please see the Tab labeled Searching Multiple Databases
Academic Search Ultimate
Business Source Complete
Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index

Web of Science Core Collection database

Possible search strategies:
"life cycle analysis" or lac
lawn or garden
equipment or mower*

Since there are not that many scholarly articles on the life cycle analysis, several are listed below.

Be sure to look at the references used as well as going to goolge scholar (as a database) to see who has cited the original article.
See the tab labeled Citation Chasing.