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UMD Discover

This guide includes instructions for using UMD Discover, including tips and tricks

UMD Discover Overview

What is UMD Discover?

UMD Discover

UMD Discover UMD Discover allows you to discover resources and materials in various formats in the UMD and University System of Maryland (USMAI) collections. Filters are available to refine your search by location, format, and many other criteria. If you have used UMD's prior interface, WorldCat UMD, you will be familiar with Discover's core features such as a single search box, and faceted limiters. 

What does it actually search?

UMD Discover UMD Discover searches and provides the discovery of the UMD and University System of Maryland (USMAI) collections as well as many other libraries around the world. You will be able to find a wide variety of the Library’s collection of scholarly resources including books, e-journals, conference literature, technical reports, and other digital and print content.

Note that, unlike UMD Libraries' previous search interface (Worldcat UMD), UMD Discover does not include the vast catalogs on resources available through libraries beyond the University of Maryland system. If you do not find what you need in UMD Discover, you can expand your search by clicking on the WorldCat link provided within UMD Discover and request the items you need through our Interlibrary Loan Service (we'll find you a copy if one is available!)

To find additional resources, or for more focused researching, use the link to our specialized database - Database Finder - and/or contact your subject specialist.

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