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ENSP 400: Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy

Research guide for ENSP 400: Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy

Search (Strategies, Databases...)

Always think about different ways to say the same thing. 
Start with keywords to describe your topic, within results, look at the abstract and subject headings to identify additional keywords to use.


Search Strategies:

Quotes around a phrase
"public health"
"storm water"
"ecosystem services"
"Montgomery County"
"citizenship participation"
"consumer behavior"

* at the end of the word to retrieve all the variations (or the middle for spelling variants)
outdoor* = outdoor or outdoors
garden* = garden or gardens or gardening

environment* = environment or environmental or environmentally
gr*ywater = graywater or greywater

combine word/s using connectors. 
OR: either term/s are included (to connect synonyms or like concepts)


economics or marketing
policy or policies
stormwater or rainwater or "storm water" or "rain water"


AND: all terms must be included (to connect concepts) 


"public health" and communication
gr*ywater* and parks
"community garden*" and regulation*
health and benefit*

Databases are subscription resources that bring together articles and other types of research materials into one place with a sophisticated search engine.

There are many, many databases you can use that provide access to journal articles, book chapters, book reviews, conference proceedings, dissertations, and more related to your environmental policy topics.

Start with the databases listed below. For additional databases, browse by subject category under the following categories: Environmental Sciences and Government & Politics

Homepage Databases Subject Type

Databases from the same vendor/publisher may be searched together to weed out duplicate materials. See the page: Searching Multiple Databases

Academic Search UltimateGreenFILEInternational Political Science AbstractsBusiness Source Complete and EconLit may all be searched together (EbscoHost databases).

Web of ScienceBIOSIS Citation IndexBIOSIS Previews and Zoological Record may all be searched together.

EbscoHost Databases
Start in one database such as Academic Search Ultimate, click on Choose Databases and add additional databases.

EbscoHost Choose Databases

EbscoHost Choose Databases Adding Databases

Web of Science Databases


Search all databases together or choose individual databases through the drop down menu. 


Select a databases in Web of Science


Web of Science Database List

Use WorldCat (the catalog) to locate books on your topic. Use keywords and then the same search strategies as for databases, only capitalize the connectors.

                   Libraries HomePage

sample searches:

(rainwater OR "rain water" OR stormwater OR "storm water") AND harvest*

("public health" OR "human health") AND (recreation OR outdoors OR natur* OR environment*)

"ecosystem services" AND (economics OR marketing OR valu*)