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William Morris and the Kelmscott Press

A guide to resources on William Morris available in Special Collections at Hornbake Library.

William Morris Ephemera

Ephemera from the William Morris Collections includes:

  • Kelmscott Ephemera
  • Non-Kelmscott Ephemera
Items include advertising circulars issued from 1892 to 1897; specimen pages from The recuyell of the historyes of Troye; Press Stationary and Forms; London County Council Scholarship Certificates; Keats Memorial Leaflet, Ancoats Brotherhood Leaflet, Wayzegoose Menus, Book labels; and Ephemera not printed at Kelmscott. 
These items can be found at the call number Rare Oversize Z232.M87 U55.

Kelmscott Press Ephemera

NOTE: These items can be found at the call number Rare Oversize Z232.M87 U55. Highlighted titles link to digital copies. 

  • Kelmscott Press Advertising List, December 1892 (Item 1)
  • Kelmscott Press Advertising List, May 1893 (Item 2)
  • Kelmscott Press Advertising List, August 1893 (Item 3)
  • Description page from Announcement of Vitas Patrum, c. March 1894 (Item 4)
  • Announcement of Swinburne's Atalanta, 16 June 1894 (Item 5)
  • Kelmscott Press Advertising List, 1 October 1894 (Item 6)
  • Kelmscott Press Advertising List, 1 December 1894 (Item 7)
  • Announcement of Herrick's Poems, 22 January 1896 (Item 8)
  • Announcement of The Well at the World's End, 27 April 1896 (Item 9)
  • Kelmscott Press Advertising List, 1 June 1896 (Item 10)
  • Announcement of Spenser's Shepeardes Calendar, 12 November 1896 (Item 11)
  • Announcement of The Water of the Wondrous Isles, 28 June 1897 (Item 12)
  • Kelmscott Press Advertising List, 28 July 1897 (Item 13)
  • Announcement of Love is Enough and A Note by William Morris, 25 February 1898 (Item 14)
  • The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye. Four pages including the explicit, Caxton's prologue and Morris' colophon and printer's mark, 1892 (Item 15)
  • Stationary: "Kelmscott Press, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, W." On Silver Linen watermarked paper (Item 16)
  • Envelope: "From the Kelmscott Press, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, W." (Item 17)
  • Kelmscott Press invoice to South Kensington Museum for one copy of Shepheardes Calender, 2 December 1896 (Item 18)
  • Kelmscott Press Form letter: "To the Trade only." (Item 19)
  • Junior Scholarship in Practical Gardening Certificate, Printed February 1898 (Item 20)
  • School of Art Scholarship Certificate, Printed February 1898 (Item 21)
  • Artisan Art Scholarship Certificate, Printed February 1898 (Item 22)
  • Horticultural Scholarship Certificate, Printed 4 March 1898 (Item 23)
  • Artisan Art Scholarship Certificate, Printed January 1896 (Item 24)
  • Intermediate County Scholarship Certificate, Printed January 1896 (Item 25)
  • Junior County Scholarship Certificate, Printed January 1896 (Item 26)
  • Keats Memorial Leaflet -- Cancelled Version, 1894 (Item 27)
  • Keats Memorial Leaflet variant -- Cancelled Version, 1894. The text in this copy differs from the one listed above, reflecting the fact that two important participants in the ceremony were unable to attend. (Item 28)
  • Keats Memorial Leaflet -- An accompanying invitation. "Mr. Elkin Matthews" 1894 (Item 29)
  • Ancoats Brotherhood Leaflet, 1894 (Item 30)
  • Kelmscott Press's Second Annual Wayzegoose menu, September 1893 (Item 31)
  • Kelmscott Press's Third Annual Dinner,1894 [Proof of front page only] (Item 32)
  • Kelmscott Press's Fourth Annual Wayzegoose menu, September 1895 (Item 33)
  • Book Labels (in Golden type) (Item 34)
  • Change of Address Announcement (Item 35)
  • "William Morris/Poet Craftsman/Socialist Lived/Here" (Item 36)
  • Poem in honor of William Morris, printed by Kelmscott Press, October 1896 (Item 37)
  • Single unprinted sheet of Kelmscott Press handmade paper showing the first of three watermarks designed by Morris, a flower with the letters "W" and "M" (Item 38)
  • Trial pull of Kelmscott Press woodcut initials with annotations, believed to be by Sydney Cockerell, "experiments for the Well at the World's End- for the Wonderous Isles (Item 39)
  • Proof sheet of the opening page of The Sundering Flood, on machine-made paper, 1897. The border design used in the proof sheet is different from one used in the final version of The Sundering Flood. The book was finished after Morris' death. (Item 59)
  • Original trial pull of one of the Kelmscott Press woodcut borders, on machine-made paper. The center is without text. (Item 60)

Non-Kelmscott Ephemera

NOTE: These items can be found at the call number Rare Oversize Z232.M87 U55. Highlighted titles link to digital copies.

  • Agency of the University Libraries Receipt made out to Messrs. J.&J. Leighton, for four copies of Kelmscott Press edition of Syr Perceyville of Gales, Dated 3 May 1895 (Item 40)
  • Receipt for 8 copies of Kelmscott Press publications, Dated 29 July 1897 (Item 41)
  • British Museum Receipt made out to Messrs. J.&J. Leighton, on behalf of Mr. William Morris, for 1 copy of the Kelmscott Press edition of Shelley's Poetical Works, vol.2 (Item 42)
  • Hammersmith Socialist League invitation, 15 February 1890 (Item 43)
  • Invitation to View a Tapestry, April 1890 (Item 44)
  • Announcement to Exercise Caution (Item 45)
  • The Fabian Society Announcement for a lecture by William Morris entitled "Gothic Architecture", May 2 (1890) (Item 46)
  • Socialist League membership card (facsimile), Hammersmith Branch, 1888 (Item 47)
  • Single printed page of the Chiswick Press edition of Morris' The Story of Gunnlaug the worm-tongue and Raven the Shald (Item 48)
  • Rosetti, Hand and Soul (facsimile of frontispiece) (Item 49)
  • "A Visit of the Workers' Educational Association of Kelmscott Manor", Four-page leaflet, printed in the Kelmscott Press "Golden" type, 15 July 1916 (Item 50)
  • "My Dear Smith", Letter written by Morris, February 24 (1887). San Francisco: the Scenic Road Press, 1980 (Item 51)
  • "Dear Sir As You See", Letter written by Morris, (Lake Oswego, Oregon): Blackwell North America, 1980. A Season's Greetings card, designed by John Walsdorf with an engraved portrait of Morris by Barry Moser (Item 52)
  • Oberlin College, Ohio. "A Sesquicentenary Salute to William Morris", 1983. An exhibition of Kelmscott Press books and books by and about Morris fromthe collection of John J. Walsdorf (Item 53)
  • Sotheby's Catalog (pages 3, 4, 7, 8) annotated by William Morris, printed by Kelmscott Press, n.d. (Item 54)
  • Kelmscott Press worksheet to keep tally of the kinds of paper, size, signatures, quantities, etc. for the printing of The Earthly Paradise, Dated July 1, 1896 (Item 55)
  • Harry C. Marillier's Kelmscott House book plate, with Kelmscott background and border; original drawing, pen and ink design (Item 56)
  • Newspaper clipping, "Sale of private press books and ephemera", 4 February 1983 (Item 57)
  • Advertising circular of Frank Hollings announcing availability of Kelmscott Press books, 1897 (Item 58)
  • New, E.H. Sheet with 7 illustrations of the manor house at Kelmscott, the Red House at Upton and the Morris and Company work sheds at the Merton Abbey (Item 61)
  • New, E.H. Sheet with 8 illustrations of the manor house at Kelmscott, the Red House at Upton and the Morris and Company work sheds at the Merton Abbey (Item 62)
  • 1987 Calendar of Designs from the William Morris Collection (Item 63)
  • Little Museum of La Miniatura. "Announcing an Exhibition of the Works of William Morris and his Kelmscott Press at La Miniatura", 1929 (Item 64)
  • William Morris "The Message of the March Wind" , photocopy (Item 65)
  • Moser, Barry. "Wm. Morris." An etching, captioned, signed, and numbererd (33/50) by the artist (Item 66)
  • Mills College, California. "1834-1934. The William Morris Centenary Exhibition." (Item 67)
  • O'Day, Edward F. "A Morris Keepsake." San Francisco: Zellerback Paper Company, 1927 (Item 68)
  • The Basilisk Press. "The Kelmscott Chaucer with a Companion Volume of Burne-Jones Drawings." (Item 69)
  • The Book Club of California. "A William Morris Broadside Illustrating Two Stages in the Design of the Kelmscott Chaucer." (Item 70)
  • Jeffers, Una. "Journal of our trip to the British Isles, Volume II, June 1929-December 31, 1929." Scenic Road Press, California, 1981. (Item 71)
  • "The Designs of William Morris" Calendar, San Francisco: Amaranth Press, 1978 (Item 72)
  • Sparling, H. Halliday. "On the Nature of Inspiration," from The Kelmscott Press and Wm. Morris Master Craftsman. Northampton, Massachusetts: Gehenna Press, 1962 (Item 73)
  • Morris & Company. Morris Wall-papers by Morris & Company Ltd., London, W. and Merton Abbey, Surrey. [between 1905 and 1911] A brochure, describing various wall-papers, with illustrations and prices. This item can be found at the call number Rare NK3399 .M87