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WorldCat UMD Interface Update

Our vendor supporting WorldCat UMD has released an updated interface to improve the discovery and use of our library resources. In this section you will find information about specific new features and changes.

Relevancy Indicators

When reviewing search results in WorldCat UMD, the interface now uses visual cues, highlighting matching search terms, to demonstrate why search results were returned.

Here is an example result from general keyword searching for the term "Maryland". The term Maryland has been underlined in yellow and bolded to show where in the record the matching term is located. You'll notice that the matching subject terms also display on the search result.

Demonstrating search indicators for a general keyword search

Here is an example searching for subjects matching "Maryland History" using the search su:"Maryland history"

Illustration of relevancy indicators for a subject search

Because I performed a subject search, only matching subjects are highlighted.

Known Issues and Workarounds


  1. Unable to request an item
  2. Cannot locate serials/periodicals holding information
    1. E-Resources Workaround
    2. Print Workaround


Unable to request an item

We are currently experiencing a problem where sometimes when a user requests an item from WorldCat UMD:

Request Item button

the get an error message saying that the item cannot be requested:

Image depicing this title can not be requested error

If you encounter this problem, use the following workaround:

Scroll towards the bottom of the record to "Other availability & Holdings" and click on the "Other Libraries Worldwide" button:

image highlighting the location of the other libraries worldwide button

This will open a panel listing other libraries. Find "University of Maryland, College Park" and click on "view catalog":

Location of view catalog button

This will direct you to the Classic Catalog. From here, click on "Availability:"

Availability link in classic catalog

You can then click on the "Request this item" button to initiate the request process:

Location of request this item button


Cannot locate serial/periodicals holdings information

We are currently experiencing a problem where serials and periodical holdings information is not easily visible. When looking at a record, such as in the example below, it is difficult to see what is available from the library. The publication information is highly visible, however, but please be aware that the library may not have access to the range of issues and volumes listed within the publication information.



The most consistent way to find exactly what is available for e-resources scroll to the bottom of the record until you see the Access Online accordion:

Access Online

Click on the accordion to open it to view what is available:

This display is sometimes available via the "access online" button within the "access options" panel, but this is only available when there are multiple access options. If there is only one access option available, the button will direct to the e-resource. This situation is why scrolling down the access online accordion is the most consistent option for viewing holdings information for serials.

Access online buttonLinks card

Print Resources:

Holdings information for serials is currently displaying under USMAI. To view the availability scroll down to "Other Availability & Holdings" and click on "USMAI Libraries":

Other availability and holdings


This will bring up a display detailing what the library holds:

print holdings