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Discovery Tools @ UMD

News, tutorials, and tips for using discovery tools at UMD.

Find @ UMD and Find in WorldCat UMD buttons

Many of the databases UMD Libraries subscribes to provide full-text access to the items in the database. However, some databases are index or abstract databases that can help identify materials for your research. In hopes of providing a simpler research experience, the libraries maintain two primary tools that can help you access an item: the Find @ UMD button and the Find WorldCatUMD link.

Find at UMD and Find in WorldCatUMD buttons

Find @ UMD

The Find @ UMD button Find at UMD button is the more common of the two tools and is available in the majority of our subscription databases. The button is a link resolver which connects enables you to access an item described in a database record. The link resolver takes the data for that item in the database and runs it against the data in our systems to see if we have access to that item.

Take this example from the Music Index database:

article without access

The index does not provide access to this article I have found, but it does provide the Find @ UMD button. When I click on the button, I'm presented with the following screen:

Link resolver displays

This page, the link resolver landing page, shows that the link resolver found the article in two different places in our collection. The top option displayed is for an electronic version of the article which can be access by clicking the "View Full Text" link. The second option is to access the article via the print version of the journal. In the notes section you should find location information to find the journal. You can find the article's citation information at the top of the link resolver page, if you need to reference it later.

When Find @ UMD doesn't find the item:

The presence of the Find @ UMD button in a database does not guarantee that the item will be available to you. Sometimes the libraries may not have access the article you're trying to find. In these cases, the link resolver provides a couple of options:
Example of an article unavaible via the link resolver.

The first option, "Check availability in Catalog" performs a search in CatalogUSMAI, also know as the classic catalog. This is one last option to ensure