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Theatre & Performance Studies Research Guide

Your guide to Theatre & Performance Studies resources in the UM Libraries!

Books in Reference...

Note: Be sure to check the LOCATION on the catalog record. These books are not all located in one library! They may be in Art, Architecture, or Performing Arts.


Professional Development

Leahkim's Bibliographies

Bibliographies created in WorldCat UM for scenic design/technology and related resources available in the UM Libraries. About WorldCat UM

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Authorized Library of Congress Subject Headings for theatrical scenery:

  • Theaters - Stage-setting and scenery
  • Ballet - Stage-setting and scenery
  • Opera - Stage-setting and scenery
  • Projected scenery
  • Stage machinery
  • Set designers
  • Stage props
  • Scene painting
  • Scene painters
  • Stage lighting
  • Theaters - Models

Authorized Library of Congress Subject Headings for architecture and furnishings:

Architecture (Subdivided geographically)
Architecture, Baroque
Architecture, Classical
Architecture, Colonial (Subdivided geographically)
Architecture, Domestic (Subdivided geographically)
Architecture, Georgian
Architecture, Gothic
Architecture, Medieval
Architecture, Modern (Subdivided by century: 17th to 20th)
Architecture, Renaissance
Architecture, Victorian
Castles (Subdivided geographically)
Gothic revival (Architecture)

Antiques in interior decoration (Subdivided geographically)
Collectibles (Subdivided geographically)
Color in interior decoration
Decoration and ornament (Subdivided geographically)
Draperies in interior decoration
Floor coverings
Flower arrangement in interior decoration
Furniture (Subdivided geographically)
Furniture--History (Subdivided by period)
Furniture styles
House furnishings (Subdivided geographically)
Lighting, Architectural and decorative
Rugs in interior decoration
Wall covering
Windows in interior decoration

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