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Theatre & Performance Studies Research Guide

Your guide to Theatre & Performance Studies resources in the UM Libraries!

Evaluating Periodicals

UM Libraries' User Education Services division has created several Research & Library Skills Guides for teaching libary and information literacy. The three linked below are designed to help you evaluate periodical literature.

Ulrich's Periodicals Database

Ulrich's is a unique and helpful tool for finding information ABOUT periodicals.

  • Find periodicals about a particular subject
  • Locate publisher information
  • Find out how long a journal ran
  • Discover if it ever changed names
  • Find which databases index a journal

About Journals & Magazines in MSPAL

This page lists all of the Current Theatre and Performing Arts Periodicals found in MSPAL.

Click on a journal title to view the page for each journal, this will list the available formats (in print, and/or online, etc.).

Some titles are partially available online, some are ONLY available online, and some are only available in PRINT

Tip: To view available PRINT issues, follow the "Check availability at..." link on the Find It page. 

Useful Journals & Magazines according to your Librarian.