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Costuming Bibliographies

A list of bibliographies created in WorldCat UM for costuming resources available in the UM Libraries.

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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings for Costuming:

  • Clothing and dress  (works on the utilitarian aspects of clothing, including works on how to dress)
  • Costume (works on clothing treated as an artistic object, as well as works on clothing created for the stage, screen, or special events)
  • Costume design
  • Costume designers
  • Dressmaking 
  • Pattern design
  • Patterns
  • Fashion
  • Tailoring

See Also:

  • Theatrical Makeup (NOT make-up)
  • Masks
  • Wigs
  • Theatrical Wigs
  • Wigs - Design and construction