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Patents and Trademarks

Patent & Trademark basic information, databases, links for legal and status information

Other International Pat/TM Databases

Citation Searches (free access, but limited)

  • Freepatentsonline (no login required)  
    Use REF/ for cited US Patents; FREF/ for cited international patents; OREF/ for other cited references - including Provisional patent applications
  • (Official public USPTO database)  
    Same as Freepatentsonline - REF/ FREF/ OREF/ - but as of April 2013 a slower search; and hard to print/save results.
  • Google Books (free to all)  
    If a source has an unusual combination of names or words/phrases; Google often can find books, reports, and articles that cite it in their bibliographies or notes.


IP Newsflash

Rolf Claessens's IP Newsflash  has international IP news, legal issues, and more