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The 120 Initiative

Resource guide from the University of Maryland Libraries in to support the University's initiative to combat gun violence

Databases - Newspapers

Since Nexis Uni is full-text, in addition to using quotes around a phase and the * for truncation, use  the following search strategies to bring your word/s close together to retrieve relevant articles

Using - and - between words - will usually end up with a  large number of results and many will not be relevant.

Best to:

1. limit words to the same sentence or paragraph
/s for sentence
school* /s teacher* /s gun*
/p for paragraph
school* /p teacher* /p gun*

2. limit words to the headline and lead paragraphs using - hlead - in this search strategy you can use - and -
hlead(school* and teacher* and gun*)

Similar to Nexis Uni, because this is a full text database, using - and - to connect your concepts will, in most cases, result in a large number of items and many will not be relevant.
But, you can try
school* and teacher* and gun*

too many?
change the searach field from Anywhere to Anywhere but Full Text or Abstract

bring the words closer together by using N/#

school* N/5 teacher* N/5 gun*