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Digital Humanities Projects in Music

A Sample of Existing Digital Humanities Projects in Music

The following is a non-exhaustive list of projects, past and present, which represent the field of digital humanities projects in music, and can also provide context for the scope of possibilities.

DRM: Digital Resources for Musicology

Hosted by Stanford University, this website provides links to substantial open-access

ADAM: Archive of Digital Applications in Musicology

Hosted by Stanford University, ADAM preserves information about groundbreaking projects in digital musicology that lack a substantial online presence.

EVE: Electronic and Virtual Editions

Hosted by Stanford University, EVE lists open-access projects from which music may be downloaded. In some cases, it may also be searchable and otherwise machine-manipulated.

The Musical Geography Project

An iterative project from St. Olaf University, which creates geographic visualizations of musicians, musical events, and performance spaces.

Beethovens Werkstatt

A 16-year project that uses both the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) to illustrate Beethoven's compositional process. Website largely in German.

Catalogue of Carl Nielsen's Works

Thematic-bibliography registration of all Nielsen's compositions, using the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) to create incipits. Created by the Danish Centre for Music Editing at the Royal Danish Library.

Bach Digital

Research portal, and database of sources and works by J.S. Bach as well as other members of the Bach family.

Bonfils-Stanton Post-1945 Women Composers Index

An open-source searchable index created to increase visibility, access, and discovery of chamber works by women composers written after 1945.

Documenting Teresa Carreño

An open-access project that brings together select primary source materials that document Carreño's career.

Gesualdo Online

Open-source project collecting and making available the entire production of Carlo Gesualdo, late Italian Renaissance composer. Users may download editions of music in .pdf, Sibelius, or Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) files.

Measuring Polyphony

Presents digitizations of polyphonic compositions from the 13th and 14th centuries in both mensural and modern notation, linked wherever possible to high-resolution images of manuscript sources, and MIDI files. The project also encodes the notation using the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) to make them interoperable and otherwise machine readable.

Musical Passage: A Voyage to 1688 Jamaica

Presents a self-led discovery of the earliest transcription of African music in the Caribbean, preserving a record of early African diaspora music.

Tasso in Music Project

Digital Editions of the Setting of Torquato Tasso's Poetry, c. 1570-1640. Supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.