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Digital Humanities Projects in Music

Defining the Digital Humanities

The term "digital humanities" is broad and difficult to pin down, but typically refers to projects and endeavors that harness digital tools, be they analytical, visual, presentational, or publication-related, to create and disseminate information and research in the humanities fields. Those related to the field of music specifically engage in this work as it relates to composers, performers, musical works, corpus studies, analysis, catalogs, and institutions. The following resources can continue to build your understanding of the field of digital humanities and the place of music studies within this growing field.

Journal of Digital Humanities

This open-source online journal publishes scholarly work beyond the traditional research article as well as discussion of the digital humanities field, and facilitating peer-to-peer reviews.

Day of DH: Defining the Digital Humanities

A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities is hosted by The University of Alberta annually to document the work of digital humanists all over the world. This particular resource collocates many definitions of the digital humanities.

Digital Humanities @ Duke University Libraries

This LibGuide at Duke University collects and presents resources on defining the field of digital humanities, alongside a timeline or major research advances, celebrated projects, datasets, and ongoing DU projects and resources.


Digital Humanities Resources at the UMD Libraries