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BSST 340 : Oral Communication for National Security Careers

Guide to resources for BSST 340

Core Databases

A database is an online searchable source providing citations, abstracts, and the fulltext to a variety of documents. Those documents could be scholarly journal articles, peer-reviewed journal articles, magazine articles, trade publication articles, law review articles, newspaper articles, hearings, bills, house and senate reports etc.

We subscribe (pay) to hundreds of databases!  Every subject is covered!  The topic you are researching and the type of documents you need to use will determine the database or databases you will use.

When you search in a database, you formulate search strategies by entering keywords and connecting them. You can also refine/limit your search results in a number of ways such as:
Document Type

You can also search by author or a known title.

Using Library databases will, in most cases provide you with better results than if you were to just use google (which can be considered a database)

Rhetorical Analysis Paper - Many of the databases that will have information for your assignments come from the EbscoHost publisher.  You will want to search the databases together to remove duplicates. You will be wasting your time if you search the databases individually.
See the tab: Searching Multiple Databases

EbscoHost Databases
Get into one database such as Academic Search Ultimate (linked below) and then once in, click on - choose databases - and add the others. 

Academic Search Ultimate (linked below)
PsycInfo = APA PsycINFO
PsycArticles = APA PsycArticles
Communication and Mass Media Complete
MasterFILE Premier

eBook Collection
eBook Comprehensive Academic Collection
eBook Open Access

Google Scholar 
so you are connected to what we own:
1. select as a database  (link below)

2. Make sure the Library Links list
Open WorldCat - Library Search
University of Maryland Libraries - Find @ UMD

Follow these steps:
Click on the Menu on the Upper Left 
Click on Settings
Click on Library Links




EBSCO Databases


Ebsco Choose Databases

EbscoHost Choose Databases


PROQUEST Databases

Proquest Change Databases