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BSST 340 : Oral Communication for National Security Careers

Guide to resources for BSST 340

Search Strategies

Always think about different ways to say the same thing.  Start with keywords to describe your topic, within results, read the abstract and look at the subject headings to identify additional keywords to use and revise the search (if needed).
Retrieve too many results? Limit to scholarly articles, limit words to subject
KEEP TRACK of the databases and strategies you use

Search Strategies: 
Start with keywords (place phrases in quotes), use connectors (or / and) and look for the subject headings specific to each database.

place phrases in quotes so the whole phrase will be searched together and not the words individually
"national security"
"nonverbal communication"
"oral communication"
"persuasive communication"
"communication skills"
"crisis communication"
"strategic communication"
"rhetorical appeals"
"public speaking"
"effective speeches"
"five cannons"

Place an * at the end of the word to retrieve all the variations
rhetoric* = rhetoric or rhetorical
persuasi* = persuasive or persuasion  
female* = female or females image* = image or images  
psycholog* = psychology or psychological motivat* = motivate or motivates or motivating or motivator  
emotion* = emotion or emotions effective* = effective or effectiveness  







use - or - to connect synonyms or like concepts
any of the words can be present

image* or visual
female* or women
"nonverbal communication" or "body language"
pathos or ethos or logos


use - and - to connect concepts
all terms must be included

"nonverbal communication"
gender or women or female*
speeches or addresses
ethos or pathos or logos

The name of the speech
The name of the speaker


persuasi* and rhetoric* and gender and speech*
YOKOYAMA, H., & DAIBO, I. (2012). Effects of Gaze and Speech Rate on Receivers’ Evaluations of Persuasive Speech. Psychological Reports110(2), 663–676

persuasi* and rhetoric* and ethos
"nonverbal communication" and speeches
"nonverbal communication" and speeches and effective*

If your searches retrieve articles dealing with aphasia or autistic you can use the NOT connector:
"nonverbal communication" and speech* and effective*
Aphasia or autistic or child*


"national security"
environment* or "climate change"
"border security"







Possible keyword combinations - substitute the title of your speech for boston marathon bombing

"boston marathon bomb*" and rhetoric*

"boston marathon bomb*" and rhetoric* and speech* = if you retrieve too many results and they are not about the specific speech

"boston marathon bomb* speech" and "crisis communication" 
"boston marathon bomb*" and speech* and "crisis communication"

 "boston marathon bombing speech" and "rhetorical analysis" 

"boston marathon bombing speech" and effective*

"boston marathon bomb* and obama and speech

Other strategies:
ethos pathos logos 
speeches or addresses
analysis or evaluation or review
speeches or addresses