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BSST 340 : Oral Communication for National Security Careers

Guide to resources for BSST 340

Locating Known Articles

There are a few ways to determine if we own the article and in what format.  

1. Use WorldCat and type in the title of the article or the journal name. 

2. Google and use the Reload button (


3. Use Google Scholar  (

4. Use the Citation Linker 

Examples:Luna-Reyes, Luis F., Mahdi M. Najafabadi, Anneke Zuiderwijk, and Charles C. Hinnant. 2019. “The US Open Data Initiative: The Road Ahead.” Information Polity: The International Journal of Government & Democracy in the Information Age 24 (2): 163–82

Chan, Todd, Iris Wang, and Oscar Ybarra. 2021. “Leading and Managing the Workplace: The Role of Executive Functions.” Academy of Management Perspectives 35 (1): 142–64.

Garg, Vinay. 2017. “Executive Team Consensus-Based Perspective of Organization Evolution.” Management Research Review 40 (9): 954–70.

Protonentis, Adana, Rashmi Chordiya, and ChrisTiana ObeySumner. 2021. “Centering the Margins: Restorative and Transformative Justice as Our Path to Social Equity.” Administrative Theory & Praxis 43 (3): 333–54.

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