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LGBT 200: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Guide to resources for LGBT 200

Poems / Speeches / Interviews

Locating poems:

If you do not find the fulltext of the poem by googling! , Use worldcat and the search strategy  = au: author name
Example: looking for poems by Audre Lorde
au:audre lorde

Don't know a specific feminist poet or poem?
Check worldcat and use the following search strategies:
feminist poets
feminist poetry
(lgbt OR queer) AND  (poetry OR poem*)
(lgbt OR queer ) AND (poetry OR poem*) AND "african american*"

Locating speeches:
If you do not find the fulltext of the speech by googling!, Use worldcat:
1.  name / speech* (speech* = truncation = speech or speeches)
Example: looking for speeches by Sojourner Truth
"sojourner truth"  speech*
2. same as poets: au:sojourner truth

If you do not find your speech in worldcat  or you do not have a specific person:
1. use worldcat and the following search strategy: su:Speeches, addresses, etc. Women authors
2. use the web sites listed below
3. use the Guide to Speeches listed below

Locating Interviews:
If you do not find the fulltext of an interview by googling!, Use worldcat:
1. name / interview*
Example: looking for an interview with Gloria Steinem
​"gloria steinem" interview*

2. No specific name:
subject /  interview
su:women interview*
su:feminis* interview*
su:homosexual* interview*