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Guidelines and Workflow to Access virtual GIS lab

This guide provides guidelines and workflow to connect virtual GIS lab at the University of Maryland Libraries. The virtual GIS lab has 16 windows computers that are available for remote use upon the request by the UMD students, faculty and staff who need

Using the Virtual Lab

  1. GIS Librarian will provide you with account details to access the virtual GIS lab. ConnectWise Control interface will be used to connect to the virtual lab. The details process is outlined in the section below: ConnectWise Access User Workflow.
  2. Your account information to connect the GIS lab computer will remain active 24/7 throughout the semester and you can use any available computer on demand.
  3. After the end of the semester, your account will be deleted unless you request for an extension to use the lab for the following semester.
  4. You must save your datasets and files in the university cloud drive system:
  5. Computer will auto log-off if your session is idle for 4 hours. The lab can’t take responsibility for any unsaved data and project.
  6. You may request for a dedicated GIS mahine if you plan to run some task that may take more than 8 hours of computing time. Users do not have privilege to install any software in the lab machine but the system administrator can work with you if there will be a need.
  7. The system administrator reserves the right to add or remove the user to the virtual GIS lab.