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Medieval Studies

A research guide to help you get started researching in the medieval field.

Welcome to the Medieval Studies libguide!

The purpose of this guide is to help you get started researching many different topics in the medieval period. Medieval studies is a field with as many subcategories and variations as you find in any other field. This guide does not attempt to touch on each sub-field, instead, it seeks to lay out what broad subthemes and periods there are and what some of the key events and themes are in that period. The resources provided here tend towards databases to enable your own research. Some excellent starting books are provided. 

Despite the inherent problems associated with any chronology in history, this libguide largely follows the traditional chronological dates (476 C.E.-1453 C.E.) in order to provide the most value for users.

Next, go to "How to Use" for a description of each section and what information you might expect there.


(This guide was made by Nathaniel Ament as part of a field study under the supervision of Eric Lindquest.)