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LARC162: Environmental Justice: Same World, Different Built Environment

Use this guide to find resources and assistance for your course projects!

Literature Review Assignment

What is environmental justice?

On completion of this assignment: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the definition, theories and history of environmental justice (EJ).


A literature review “discusses the relevant research, theoretical and methodological contributions on the topic” (UMD Libraries). For this assignment students will use the resources available in the University Libraries to find one scholarly journal that discusses environmental justice.

  • You may also use Google Scholar to find articles.
  • You can also refer to the ‘Notes’ section (begins on pg. 307 of recommended textbook Bullard, R. D. (2005). The quest for environmental justice. San Francisco, CA: Sierra Club Books) to look at articles/studies referred to in the reading.

You will be submitting a paper with the following elements:

  • Introduction: Define environmental justice.
  • Body: Summarize the article; include at least 3 main points from the article.
  • Conclusion: Explain why environmental justice is important and how you determine why this is
  • environmental justice.
  • References
  • Cite your sources! APA citations
  • 1.5 page - 2 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font

Please also keep in mind to:

  • Make sure your points are clearly identified in the article. Explain in your words but do not forget to cite
  • your sources. Please verify how you cite.
  • By the way, please do not exceed the page limitations. In real-world situations, proposals will not be
  • accepted or reviewed if they exceed the maximum as it gives disadvantages to others who did not have
  • that opportunity.
  • Reformat rubrics next time to break it out by points.

PART II Project Analysis: Discussion

We will compile your submissions and share them with the class in a Discussion titled Project #1 - Literature Review (Part II). Please note that these may not be posted and available for your review until after 10am Tuesday as we have to embed them into ELMs. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback to three of your classmates’ submissions. What did you learn from each of their submissions? This will be due by the Sunday after your initial submission at 11:59pm. Of course, please remember that your post can be viewed by everyone and should be discussed in a courteous and respectful manner.


Example: Small-Scale Literature Review Assignment