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LARC162: Environmental Justice: Same World, Different Built Environment

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Case Studies Assignment

When -> Where -> How -> Examples of environmental justice

On completion of this assignment: Students will review specific cases of environmental injustice and communicate how they affect marginalized populations.

Now that you’ve investigated further and put into your own words what environmental justice is, we’ll move on to the next part of your investigation: a case study review. Choose a case study for a topic that you are interested in the list provided by your instructor. You may use the same topic that you used for Project #1.

  • Using the University Libraries you will find additional information on related cases.
  • You can also refer to the ‘Notes’ section (begins on pg. 307 of recommended textbook Bullard, R. D. (2005). The quest for environmental justice. San Francisco, CA: Sierra Club Books) to look at articles/studies referred to in the reading. Perhaps you want to look deeper into one of the case studies referred to in the reading.
  • Another source is EJ Atlas, which allows you to find cases of EJ in different parts of the world.
  • Google Scholar is another great resource (configure for UMD links with the Reload Button).

Through a PowerPoint presentation you will summarize your case study and explain how it relates to environmental justice. We will post your presentations in a discussion thread in ELMS so that your classmates can view and discuss your case study. You will be required to react to at least three of your classmates' presentations.


  • You can continue to use the topic you chose for Project #1 or choose another topic.
  • Submitting PowerPoint alone is not considered a complete assignment. You must submit all components required.
    • If you submit only the video or only the PowerPoint presentation, you will automatically receive 50% deduction to the entire grade of the assignment. If you submit a video with no audio, you’re also going to receive an additional reduction of 25% of your grade for the video assignment. In other words, the video is 50% of your total grade, and the PowerPoint/pdf is the remaining 50%.

You will be submitting a 3-5 minute video and PowerPoint presentation with the following elements:

  • Introduction: Define environmental justice and explain what topic you’ve chosen and share why you chose this topic.
  • Body: Background information of the case study, you should include appropriate graphics; questions to answer:
    • Why is this an environmental justice issue?
    • Summarize the case study: what, when, where, who, why, how
    • Share any additional information you have found online on the topic
    • Must include images such as maps in your presentation (cite images)
  • Conclusion: Share what you learned from this case study review. And explain why is environmental justice important?
  • References: Cite your resources, APA format
  • Additional notes:
    • Pay attention to the design of your PowerPoint presentation; don’t add all your text in one slide but divide it into many slides.
    • You don’t have to include your face in the video presentation if you are not comfortable doing
  • File submission types (2 submissions total, you are able to submit more than one file at a time in
    • Submit your Powerpoint as PDF. Save as Your Last Name_LARC162_P2.pdf
    • An mp4 or mov of your video presentation (in PowerPoint you can record your presentation and
      save as or export as mp4 or mov file)
      • You can do a voiceover presentation if you prefer not to appear on camera but a
        voice recording of your presentation is required as well.

PART II Project Analysis: Discussion
After submitting your slideshow presentation we will post your presentations for your classmates to view in a Discussion titled Project #2 - Case Studies (Part II). Please note that these may not be posted and available for your review until after 10am Tuesday as we have to embed them into ELMs. Choose three of your classmate’s presentations, not your own topic, and react to that topic. This will be due the Sunday after your initial submission at 11:59pm.  

Explain the following in your reply:

  • List case study you chose to review.
  • What is one thing that you learned / surprised you from that topic?
  • What is one idea / potential solution to this problem that you would suggest?
  • Of course, please remember that your post can be viewed by everyone and should be discussed in a courteous and respectful manner.


Example: Writing a Case Study Analysis