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World Music Research Guide

Why is this important?

Online sources with integrity can be very helpful for your research. You can find a variety of recent information in journal articles and you can also use larger sources that are subject specific like Garland World Music.

How can I find them?

Skip Google and Wikipedia, go directly to Research Port!

Search for databases by subject category by clicking "See all categories..."
Scroll down to Music and select"Music" as a subcategory.

A couple of really great databases here include Garland Encyclopedia of World Music and JSTOR.

Garland focuses specifically on world music and JSTOR is a great database for the arts and humanities.

To find out how to link to the articles you find for future use, check out The Linking Guide.


Another great resource is RILM which stands for Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale. Basically it's a big bibliography on all these writings about music. You can find RILM in the Database Finder on the Libraries homepage:

  1. Vist
  2. Click the "Databases" tab on the search box
  3. Search for "RILM"

The search is hosted by EBSCO, but don't expect to find most of the articles online. When you search, your results might look something like this:

Click the "find it" button to look for it at UMD. When you reach the find it page, your article may not be available online, but if you click "Check availability in Catalog" you can quickly find a hard copy. If the article is on Microfilm, like this listing, check out What on earth is microfilm?!, an easy guide to using microfilm.