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Basic Music Research Guide

How to conduct research on music.

How Can I Find Them?

For print sources try the methods below:

  • Search the library catalog or WorldCat UMD by subject words.
  • Check WorldCat for print sources referenced on Wikipedia (this is called chaining).
  • Find a book on your topic and look at the books around it on the shelf.
  • Ask your professor or TA if they know any good sources for your subject.
  • Search for resources with alternate subject terms.

Why is This Important?

Print and audio resources are your first go to sources when starting a paper. Internet articles are great, but it's important to have a larger more comprehensive source. Print sources, like books or scores can also help you understand your topic fully on beginning and more advanced levels. Audio resources are crucial for music papers. Especially with world music, it's tough to be confident about your paper if you haven't listened to the music you are writing about.