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Using RIPM

What is RIPM?

RIPM stands for Répertoire International de la Presse Musicale and it is a retrospective index of music periodicals. It's the first place to search for 19th and 20th century journal articles related to music.

UMD recently upgraded our subscription with RIPM so now we also have access to RIPM's new online archive of music periodicals.  This is handy because instead of finding a citation and then embarking on a different search for the article, UMD members can locate a citation and read the article in the same RIPM database. This new set up also allows users to brose through journals to find other relevent articles from the same time period.

Not all journals or articles are available through RIPM's new database, but RIPM is working on fixing that over time and luckily, the database does provide complete citations.