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Biographical Information on Scientists

This guide identifies major resources and suggestions for biographical research in the sciences.

Finding Books

How to Find Books in the Catalog


To locate books, search the UMD Libraries' catalog. Try one of the following search terms:

scientists united states (or other country name)
science united states (or other country name) biography
scientists united states (or other country name) biography
scientists biography
engineers biography
scientists biography dictionaries
engineers biography dictionaries
scientists biography
science bio-bibliography
women scientists biography
women engineers biography
women scientists united states (or other country name)
african american scientists biography
african american women scientists biography
women biologists biography
women physical scientists biography

To locate video, audio, archival or other information formats, use UMD Libraries' catalog and limit your results to Format>See all>Video on the left side menu.

To find biographical information covering a broad subject area such as chemistry, type the keywords chemistry biograph* . The asterisk (*) at the end of the word's root biograph* is a truncation symbol which tells the catalog to retrieve variant endings (biography, biographies, biographical, biographically, etc.).

If there is a particular item you want but cannot find in our libraries, you may request it via Interlibrary Loan.

Getting Started

Tips for Getting Started


When searching for biographies, it helps to know some basic facts about the person you are researching. You can often find very basic information about a person by checking an encyclopedia such as: