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Linking Guide

Linking to Database Finder and the UMD Libraries catalog.

Proxy Link Generator

Proxy Link Generator

Insert a permalink from a library database into the form below and click the submit button. A new URL will be generated that includes a prefix that routes the link through the university's proxy server. The whole link is then shortened using the Rebrandly link shortener service. You can use the generated link to share links into databases with people off campus, and you can also use the link as a bookmark for your own future use. To do this the manual way, see the Link to a Journal tab


EZProxify is a tool that lets you generate a short URL from results pages within our subscribed databases that take the remote user through our EZProxy authentication service (otherwise, they'd be rejected by Gale, Ebsco, etc.). This works with many, but not all of our services.

EZProxify (

When you are visiting a page within a library database and want to link to it, click the EZProxify link and you will be taken to From there, just click the Shorten button and you will get a compact link that you can share. If you follow the link from off campus, you will be prompted to log-in using your directory ID and password and you will then go straight to the page you linked to.