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Linking Guide

Linking to Database Finder and the UMD Libraries catalog.


Linking to articles is somewhat like linking to journals. You need to add a prefix to the URL so it can be accessed and read off-campus. The prefix will send the URL through the library's login so it will recognize you as a UMD user.

The prefix we use is:

This prefix is followed by the regular URL. But with articles, you have to make sure you find the URL of your article, not the URL that includes all the searching you did to find the article. Finding the stable URL is also a great way to have a shorter URL for citation purposes in research papers. On the page with the article, look for something that says "permalink," "stable URL," or "Link to this article." Next to text like this, you might also find a small icon of a chain.

The creation of the complete URL that you can link to and bookmark will look like this:



URL to "$307m compact for Benin" in Africa Analysis:


Copy and paste this complete URL. You can now link to and bookmark your article!