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Israel-Palestine Conflict: Resources

This guide presents selected resources to provide background and current information on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Welcome to Israel/Palestine Guide

This guide provides resources for finding information, news, documentation, and scholarship about events and history of Israel and Palestine. The views and opinions of their authors do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Maryland Libraries, the University of Maryland, or the authors of this Guide. Please be aware that this is a rapidly changing situation, and that as is often said, "truth is the first casualty of war." Misinformation and disinformation abound, and you need to read broadly, question your sources, and synthesize information from multiple perspectives


File:Israel de facto territories.png

Map, 2023 (Source: Wikimedia Commons, Public domain )

A detailed map of Israel and the surrounding region (internationally recognized in pale; disputed under Israeli control in yellow; uncontrolled but claimed by Israel in brown).