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GVPT 449G: Seminar in Political Philosophy; Global Justice

Guide to resources for GVPT 449G


This guide will help you identify and locate sources for your writing assignments.

From your syllabus:

Like Rawls, many liberals addressing the issue of global justice are committed to the fundamental value of equality. Some thinkers, like Pogge and Singer, argue that equality demands impartiality between compatriots and foreigners. Most of the other thinkers (including Rawls), however, argue that equality demands some partiality towards our fellow citizens. Make an argument asserting what global distributive rights, if any, are generated by the liberal commitment to equality. Specifically, what is the relationship between a liberal's obligation to compatriots and their obligations to foreigners (again, if any)? Your reasoning must include a brief description of why the counter-position to your own is mistaken.  

Your essay must be between 1800 - 2100 words (approximately 5-6 pages), and make use of at least 5 scholarly sources, 2 of which can come from our reading list. The essay must be fully referenced using APA or MLA formats.

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