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ENSP 102: Introduction to Environmental Policy

course guide for ensp 102

Start Here

Limit your search in google:

Limit the document type by using
site:gov = all levels of gvpt - federal/state/local ad gvpt sponsored research
site:org = organizations / associations
site:edu = educational institutions

.com Produced by a commercial enterprise, trying to sell something or funded by advertisers
.edu From an educational institution (college, high school, museum)
.net Network of computers
.mil A military site
.gov Produced by the government
.org Produced by a nonprofit organization
.uk, .cn, .us, etc. A country-sponsored site A web site from the state of Maryland

A screenshot of a Google Search for "Hydraulic fracturing" filtered with


Not sure what topic you want to write about?

Have a topic but need background information?

The websites, books, and databases listed below will provide background information, key terms, important themes and individuals in the field, and provide keywords for further searching in catalogs and databases.

Bibliographies (list of references/sources) are usually included that will help you identify important primary and secondary works in your subject area.  

As you conduct your research, you will need to make note of those additional resources (book, book chapter, journal article) you identify in the bibliographies, references, notes and footnotes of the sources you are using. The reason for this? Because this is one of the best ways to further your research

 See the section: Citation Chasing for instructions on how to locate the references you find.