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Citation Management Tools

This guide will help you get started with managing the information you find online, organizing your citations and writing your research paper.

What is EndNote?


EndNote Online (previously called EndNoteWeb) is a web-based service for managing and citing references in papers and creating bibliographies. Access for University of Maryland Faculty, Staff and Students includes a roaming subscription to Web of Science.  With EndNote Online, users can also use the Web Capture Tool to add references from webpages as one browses.

EndNote Desktop (current version X9) is available for purchase and recommended for doctoral students and above to manage advanced research projects.  The desktop version allows for multiple libraries, allowing for users to create a new library for each project with group sets and groups within each.  EndNote Desktop can also sync with EndNote Online and has options to link to UMD's catalog to retrieve full text (instructions further down on this page).  Make sure to check out student/education pricing and note that one purchase will last years!

To compare the features of each, Clarivate Anaytics (the company that owns EndNote) has a comparison chart accessed that can be accessed here: X9 vs Online

Be sure to connect with your Librarian for additional EndNote help and check out the training pages provided by EndNote that have lots of videos and walkthroughs!

Sign Up For an Account - Student/Faculty/Staff

If you are on campus, go directly to (or go to and complete the registration process.

If you are off-campus

  1. Go to
  2. Click Databases tab.
  3. Type in Web of Science in the search box named "by database name"
  4. Click on Web of Science link
  5. Click on the EndNote link at the very top of the page
  6. Click Register link, and follow the instructions. You can use any email address to register but it works better and faster if you use your e-mail.

You will receive a registration email with your login information. Save this! Once you are registered, you can go directly to the EndNote Online page ( anytime and from anywhere.

Once a year, you must log in from campus or through Database Finder > Web of Science > EndNote link, to prove that you are still associated with the UMD university.

Configure UMD Authentication

Besides importing PDFs directly into EndNote, the desktop version can also be configured to access UMD's libraries.

These steps may vary slightly depending upon which version you’re using but to configure EndNote to work with the UMD Libraries’ OpenURL link resolver (“Get it @ UMD” - most recently tested on X8):

  1. Go to Preferences > Find Full Text
  2. Check the box for OpenURL to enable
  3. For OpenURL Path and enter: 
  4. For Authenticate with enter:
  5. Click Save
  6. Go to References > Find Full Text > Authenticate...
  7. Enter UMD credentials and complete two-factor authentication
  8. Click Done once two-factor authentication is complete


Access to EndNote after leaving UMD

EndNote Web has a roaming profile feature that allows users to log into EndNote Online from a computer that does not have an authenticated session. Roaming is available if you have EndNote Online through an institutional subscription and does not apply if you have EndNote Online from an EndNote purchase. You can roam for twelve months before you need to log in with an authenticated session.

Once users are no longer affiliated with UMD, roaming access for EndNote Online accounts will be valid for 12 months from the date the user last logged into EndNote Online from an authenticated IP address. You can check the roaming status from the Account information option under individual EndNote Online accounts.

Once the roaming period is over users will receive a message "Your roaming access has expired" when they sign into EndNote Online.  At this point users lose access to all UMD specific content files (such as the option to Find@UMD) available on their EndNote Online account. However they will still be able to access references, groups created by them and shared among them when the roaming has expired.

It is recommended that users change their UMD email address sign-in to a personal email address before moving to another institution. To change the email address, access your EndNote Web account, click on Options>>E-Mail Address.

If users move to another institution with access to Web of Science, please contact Endnote technical support so they can associate the existing EndNote Web account to the new institution.  Or, create a new account for your new university, which is a quicker solution, but will add an additional account that may cause confusion later.